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90 Minutes Hawaiian Massage Voucher

Price: 80.00 AUD
Hawaiian Massage is known as Huna Massage because of it’s roots in the Huna Wisdom and was a more gentle, nurturing massage given by family members for relaxation and the treating of ailments.

Healing Amethysts

Price: 10.00 AUD
Known as February stone representing St Valentine and faithful love. Commonly used to facet into jewelleries. If placed on the body, it create an open channel to spiritual and purify pathway. It enhanced cognitive perception and intuitive abilities.

Natural Dry Brush

Price: 6.50 AUD
Healthy start to greater well-being, spa solution, 100% vegan. This lightweight, effective, favor to any skin and body types. Major benefits include reduction of swelling caused by toxins, nerve stimulation, and promoting blood circulation. Soft and natural bristles and long handle.